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Jinjunmei black tea

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Jin junmei black tea is originated in 2005, is in the zhengshan small black tea on the basis of traditional technology, the use of innovative technology research and development of black tea, its birth to fill the domestic market without black tea blank, its name implies: hope gold tea like steed galloping development.

The raw material of jinjun eyebrow is produced from the original ecological tea mountain in wuyi mountain covering 565 square kilometers. Tongmuguan, the place of origin of jinjunmei, is a pass of the wuyi mountain, which is 1,100 meters above sea level. Tongmu pass in wuyi mountain is the origin of jinjunmei black tea. Tongmu pass is located at the core of wuyi mountain nature reserve. In tongmuguan, we can see the "wild tea" garden in the mountains, passing by an indirect antique tea workshop, smelling the aroma of tea soaked in the air, the entrance is a cup of thick leaven, different heat of black tea.

Tongmu pass is to be known with "tea", it is the birthplace of black tea of the whole world, it is once famous in the world namely (ever had British spy, botanist Robert fu qiong to search closely tongmu pass twice and steal the making secret of small kind of black tea of zheng shan), now the producing area of small kind of black tea of zheng shan that is forgotten almost. Of tongmu close again fix eyes on dazzling must thank in recent years fiery black tea "jin jun eyebrow", of jin jun eyebrow appear let tongmu close restored the vigor of former days.

Jin jun eyebrow shape cable tight show, slightly show down, Juan MAO, heavy solid; The color is gold, yellow and black with smooth color. Open soup soup color is golden yellow, clear gold ring; Its water, sweet, taste like fruit, honey, flowers, sweet potatoes and other comprehensive flavor; Sip a mouthful into the throat, sweet feeling suddenly born, taste fresh and sweet, high mountain rhyme show, long throat rhyme, refreshing, as if people in the forest valley; The bottom of the cup is cold, hot and warm, not smelling at the same time. When the base of the leaves is stretched, the buds are fresh and beautiful, and the leaves are bronzed. Anyhow, jin jun eyebrow in really can encounter the treasure in the tea that cannot beg.

Jin junmei is suitable for people

One, old people, parturient woman before parturient, gastric disease or duodenal ulcer person appropriate drink black tea. Habitual constipation should drink light black tea.

Second, bradycardia or sinus atrial block people should drink black tea, in order to improve heart rate; The aged with weaker constitution should drink black tea.

Three, because of social intercourse and often eat greasy food crowd, attention to the maintenance of young women, drunk people drink sober stomach bubble on a pot.

Brewing process

1. White crane bath (cup washing) : wash the tea set with boiled water;

2, guanyin into the palace (falling tea) : put the jinjunmei tea into the tea set, put the amount of tea about five minutes of the capacity of the tea set;

3, pot high chong (chong tea) : the boiling water into the pot or cover ou, so that jin jun mei tea rotation;

4. Spring breeze whipping (foam blowing) : gently scrape the floating white foam with the kettle lid or the kettle lid to make the jinjunmei tea soup fresh and clean;

5. Guan gong patrol city (pouring tea) : pour the jinjunmei tea after 1 to 2 minutes into the parallel tea cups;

6, han xin point soldier (point tea) : jin junmei tea pour a little bit to evenly drop into the cup;

7. Tasting the color of soup (tea) : tasting the color of jinjunmei tea in the cup;

8, taste ganlin (tea) : by hot thin compose, first wen jinjun eyebrow tea flavor, taste jinjun eyebrow tea flavor, while sipping and smelling, shallow pour fine drink. Although the amount of drink is not much, but the teeth and cheeks to stay sweet, sweet throat, relaxed and happy, interesting

Jin junmei brewing side points:

1, brewing jin jun eyebrow utensils selection: it is recommended to choose black tea special cup group or tall transparent glass, so that when brewing can enjoy jin jun eyebrow tea brewing fragrance elegant tea, but also enjoy jin jun eyebrow tip in the water stretched beautiful posture.

2, the water temperature control of bubble eyebrow Mr. Jin bubble tea, water temperature, brewing water temperature control is very important, for the water temperature is advantageous to the eyebrow tea aroma, taste and rich in Mr. Jin inclusion leaching. Generally we choose after boiling, natural cool to around 85-90 ℃ water brew Jin Mei, will be the reason of higher than traditional green tea water temperature is special Jin Mei material and production process, the water temperature is too high will lose its activity.

3, the amount of tea brewing jin jun eyebrow: brewing jin jun eyebrow need to put how much tea? According to the individual taste of strong or weak master, jinjunmei tea 3-5 grams, too much waste.

4, eyebrow put Mr. Jin tea way: because the material is qualitative soft, eyebrow Mr. Jin are the tea shoot tips, tea fragrant, mellow by injecting a small amount of water in the cup (about 1/10 of that water, brewing capacity in 200 ml, for example) temperature cup, and then slowly into the tea, and hot water, the high for tea in the cup slowly stretch can fine smell of the eyebrow by Mr. Jin sends out a special fragrant scent.

5. Jinjunmei brewing method: 3-5 grams of jinjunmei can be added in advance by using the cic method for warm tea washing. In order to protect the soft nap on the surface of the tea bud and avoid the fierce tumbling of tea leaves in the cup, the water should be injected along the wall of the glass to make the tea clear and bright.

6, eyebrow time drinking water: Mr. Jin, after the first injection, eyebrow Mr. Jin jun eyebrow (silver) in the cup let stand for about 45 seconds, and then the soup: (bubble cup can be reserved for the water before tea, can make each tea soup taste uniform). Tea lovers according to personal taste habit 3 to 8 times on repeat bubble drink. Ten bubble eyebrow scientific brewing methods Mr. Jin: no problem. Tea liquor sweetness remains.

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