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Qimen black tea

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Qimen black tea, also known as qimen gongfu black tea, is a kind of black tea with aroma of wine and fruity flavor. Qimen black tea is one of the ten most famous teas in China. Together with darjeeling black tea from India and uva black tea from Sri Lanka, qimen black tea is known as one of the three most fragrant teas in the world.

In the first year of guangxu emperor (1875), yu ganchen, of yixian county, probably the most famous person in China, went back to his hometown from being an official in fujian province to set up tea houses. As a result, the resulting black tea became more popular than he had expected and quickly became popular in the UK, becoming the main ingredient in blended English breakfast tea, the base of earl grey tea, and a symbol of noble status. At the 1915 world's fair in panama, qimen black tea won the gold medal.

Qimen black tea has the fragrance of fruit, pine and flowers, but it is not as flowery as darjeeling black tea, so it is also called qimen fragrance. Qimen black tea has less caffeine than Assam black tea. Because of the climate and soil, the tea grass was taken from [qimen south township] to [xin 'an, li kou] in the west township.

Qimen black tea is usually suitable for clear drinks without milk or sugar, but drinking it with milk does not reduce the flavor of the tea. Qimen black tea is considered one of the most suitable tea varieties for afternoon tea and bedtime tea.

Traditional qimen black tea was fermented and refined from one bud, one leaf or one bud and two leaves before tomb-sweeping day

This tea cable is delicate and delicate, curled into a snail, golden hair if the show, uniform black run, pure aroma. The color of the soup is bright and red, with obvious golden circles visible. There is no special requirement on the tea set, no matter which kind of tea set is used, it can reflect its unusual, hot drinks and cold drinks are ok. The tea is sweet and mellow, with pleasant aroma and a pleasant aftertaste.

Brewing way

Ordinary bubble method:

1. Add a pinch of dried black tea (about 3g) to the cup according to your personal taste.

2. Add a small amount of boiling water (90-95 ℃), fast, after shaking tea and wake up to rinse impurities.

3. Add boiling water and drink it every 45 seconds or so; Also can pour into the small cup to drink.

4 can add milk, brown sugar, honey and other drinks together, will be more fragrant alcohol.

Kung fu bubble method:

1. Preparation: prepare tea sets and black tea.

2. Temperature pot: pour a small amount of hot water (90-95 ℃), used to warm pot, warm cup.

3. Pour tea: put the black tea into the pot at a ratio of 1:50.

4. Wake up tea: pour boiling water into the pot, quickly pour to wake up the tea, and wash away impurities.

5. Blanch: pour boiling water into the pot and blanch for 2-3 minutes.

6. Points tea: tea fair mug (can even keep the beverage), and then respectively into sample tea cup. Drink.

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