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Raw tea and ripe tea are the classification of pu 'er tea, which has nothing to do with biluochun, tieguanyin and so on. Pu 'er tea has its unique processing procedures, generally through the green, rolling, drying, covering heap and other procedures. Fresh tea leaves, after killing, rolling and drying, become pu 'er maoqing. MAO qing, strong charm jun, sharp and owe zhang li. After the production of raw tea, it can be divided into raw tea and cooked tea due to the different subsequent processes. There is scientific evidence that the bitterness in tea soup comes from the caffeine in tea -- theophylline. Astringency comes from phenolic substances in tea, which sometimes show strong convergence. Smooth, thick -- the pectin exudate in the tea leaves; The comfortable taste comes from the rich amino acids in the tea.

Yunnan pu 'er tea used to be raw tea, not ripe tea. Yunnan began developing ripe tea in the 1970s to compete for the international tea market.

Everyone knows that pu 'er tea is better as it ages, because pu 'er tea needs a slow post-fermentation process. Raw tea should put 5 years to just drink at least commonly, the longer the better. There are also many people bring fresh raw tea to drink, this is a personal preference. Ripe tea has been fermented, so it doesn't take long to drink. Nevertheless exquisite person still can put ripe tea a few years just to drink.

Process: fresh leaves after picking, after killing, rolling, tea drying, that is, for loose tea. After the compression molding, become the compression of raw tea products.

Color and aroma of tea leaves: tea leaves are mainly green to dark green, and some parts turn yellow and red. Usually the taste of the new tea cake is not obvious, if the temperature is a sweet taste of drying.

Palate: strong and stimulating. If through high temperature, sweet water and thin, slightly astringent. Such as Taiwan green tea.

Soup color: yellow green, turquoise, amber color.

Leaf base: the new tea products are mainly green and yellow-green. High activity, more flexible than kneading.

Cooked tea is a kind of large leaves of sun-dried green tea after fermentation processing. Appearance color reddish brown, unique aroma of Chen xiang.

Process: fresh leaves after picking, after killing, rolling, tea drying, namely for loose tea. Unripe loose tea (pu 'er loose tea) is a kind of unripe loose tea (pu 'er loose tea). After the compression molding, become the pressure of cooked tea.

Tea leaf color and aroma: tea leaf black or reddish brown, some bud tea is dark gold yellow. Has the thick wood pile flavor, ferments the lighter person to have the similar longan flavor, ferments the heavier person to have the stuffy wet straw mat flavor.

Taste: thick sweet water, almost no bitterness, long bubble water.

Soup color: the degree of fermentation is more light dark red, heavy fermentation to black.

Leaf base: sprinkling water and wood pile, and the degree of fermentation of light reddish brown leaf base, but not flexible. The leaves of heavy fermentation are dark brown or black, hard and fragile.

100 years of raw tea is still raw tea, ripe tea is ripe tea. It just matures a little bit over time and in the environment. As we know, pu 'er raw tea is basically sun-green hair tea grown in yunnan province with large leaves, because the tea material of large leaves is relatively thick. However, when processing hair tea, the internal tea quality is basically unchanged, so the taste will be bitter and strong. So it is necessary to store it to let it naturally aging, slowly the tea will converge, to mellow and smooth, mild character... Therefore, pu 'er raw tea is to store "natural" fermented pu 'er tea (storage is also a processing method). Ripe tea is pu 'er tea that has been "artificially" fermented. The price of raw tea and cooked tea, the same grade of cooked tea is more expensive; As for which is good, it depends on personal preference. Just as some people like black tea and others like green tea, both raw and cooked tea are popular.

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